25 May 2011

Lindsey Wixson: Yee-haw



"Spaghetti Western" (Select images)
Vogue Nippon // June 2011
Ph. Terry Richardson // Stylist: George Cortina
Terry and Lindsey's latest collaboration is quite a literal take on a classic cinema style. Photographed in Rome, Lindsey is the young explorer of diverse locales who eventually lands in the haven of cuisine - isn't that the story of every good vacation? Literal, yes, but also tongue-in-cheek (Or spaghetti-in-mouth, whatever).

24 May 2011

Cannes 2011: Galore

 Constance Jablonski & Irina Shayk @
amFAR's Cinema Against AIDS Gala

Eniko Mihalik @


Naomi Campbell @
amFAR Gala, The Beaver premiere, Chopard party &
with her models at Fashion for Relief

Several of our models participated in the glitz and glamour of the Cannes Film Festival and the various related events on the Riviera. Naomi was the most prominent, making her way from one red carpet to the next - all on top of hosting yet another Fashion for Relief runway show. The ending credits may have rolled for the films and the festival, but our models are all returning with fond memories of another week spent amongst the best in art, culture, and fashion.

Xu: Virgin Suicides


"Where Have All the Flowers Gone?"
Dazed & Confused // June 2011
Ph. Lina Scheynius // Stylist: Katie Shillingford

Images courtesy of Fashion Gone Rogue

A little gasp escaped all of us when we set eyes on this ethereal story. Each photo is a wondrous scene capture from a Sofia Coppola/Terrence Malick-esque film, and Xu and her fellow model act as dancing spirits, perhaps animorphed from swan form, basking in the freedom bestowed upon them. There is truly nothing like a natural light story that speaks volumes with so little.

20 May 2011

Eniko Mihalik: The Dive


"Bain de Minuit" (Select Images)
Numero // May 2011 #123
Ph. Ben Hassett // Stylist: Capucine Safyurtlu
A great late-night swim is all Eniko is searching for in her latest story for Numero. As always, she works her surroundings - in this case, lots of water - to maximum effect, blending into the liquid and the darkness like the chameleon she is. All in all, this is perhaps one of the most ominous swims ever captured. Beware the next time you jump into a pool!

19 May 2011

Liu Wen: Afternoon Tea

"Feast for the Eyes"
Vogue US // June 2011
Ph. Arthur Elgort // Stylist: Tabitha Simmons

18 May 2011

Anna Speckhart: Day & Night


"Feel the Heat"
Allure // June 2011
Ph. Michael Thompson // Stylist: Paul Cavaco

Anna gets us all ready for summer in this fresh set of photos, where simple, sensual styling serve as supplement to some gorgeous beauty looks. You can literally sense the heat radiating off each page, but luckily there is absolutely no sweat involved - just a clean, chic day out in the sun.

17 May 2011

Sara Ziff: Alumnus

(Sara is seen here with her father and mother)

Photos courtesy of Sara Ziff

After her round of classes this past semester, Sara Ziff donned a cap and gown to participate in her graduation today at the prestigious Columbia University here in New York City (Psst, she will be graduating Magna Cum Laude with a bachelor's Degree in Political Science!!). These candid photos are quite different from the typical images that we showcase here on the blog, but they are some of the most beautiful by far. Also, they demonstrate just why Sara has always been more than just a model, but a model citizen as well. Congratulations to Sara and her family on this achievement!

16 May 2011

Liu Wen: V-ery Iconic

"Girls on Top"
V Magazine // #71
Ph. Terry Tsiolis // Stylist: Jay Massacret

This image of Liu Wen is an absolute page-stopper in the latest V Magazine, an issue dedicated to Asian fashion & culture. As Asia's top Supermodel, Liu Wen continues to pave the way for others pursuing similar dreams, and the photo above is the simplest explanation as to why she has made such an impact throughout the industry and beyond. We are V-ery proud, to say the least.

Alyona: White Noise

"Blonde on Blonde" (Select Images)
i-D // Summer 2011
Ph. Dancian // Stylist: Caroline Newell
Givenchy opener Alyona's debut in a major publication comes this month in i-D, a most fitting publication for this young Kazakh woman and her platinum-blonde locks. Even in the midst of blank hues, it's hard to escape all those factors that make her an instant hit, whether it be her intense gaze or carefree poses. Oh, to be as cool as Alyona...

Lindsey Wixson: Dancing in the Moonlight

Recently, CNN took their cameras all the way to Wichita, Kansas to cover Lindsey at the event-of-all-teenage-events: her high school prom. The result was a genuine glimpse at Lindsey's everyday lifestyle outside of the runways and photo studios, and it all gives you a sense that her personal journey, both within and outside from fashion, is barely beginning.

11 May 2011

Chanel Resort 2012: Riviera Chic


Josephine Skriver, Merethe Hopland, & Svea Kloosterhof
Chanel Resort 2012 - Cannes

05 May 2011

Addition: Irina Shayk

No introductions necessary (Ok, just a tiny reminder).

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03 May 2011

Liu Wen: Pioneer, Oh Pioneer


London Telegraph Magazine // April 30th, 2011
Text by Tamsin Blanchard // Photo by Andreas Laszlo Konrath
Special thanks to Select Model Management