30 November 2011

Nyasha Matonhodze: Taking Off

"Ground Control"
Vogue US // December 2011
Ph. Norman Jean Roy // Stylist: Tabitha Simmons
Hair: Renato Campora // Make-Up: Alice Lane

To be part of Vogue's prestigious line-up of contributors is already something worthy of note, but adding upon that with a two-page spread is certainly a sign of Nyasha's skyrocketing career. With a maturity and sensibility twice her age, it is no wonder this beautiful young Brit is turning heads everywhere already.

17 November 2011

Lindsey Wixson: Budding Super

"Run the World, Girls"
V Magazine // #74
Ph. Terry Richardson // Stylist: Carine Roitfeld
Hair: Anthony Turner // Make-Up: Aaron de May

Lindsey snags a coveted spot on the front of the latest V Magazine, collaborating with the top names in the business and making us all miss Hawaii quite terribly. Invitation to go "cruising": accepted!

16 November 2011

Ashley Smith: Simplicity



"Perfect Accent"
Elle US // December 2011
Ph. KT Auleta // Stylist: Lester Garcia
Hair: Holli Smith // Make-Up: Benjamin Puckey

"Clean" is the word for this December studio story, where bursts of color accent the sleek set and clothing. Every surface appears absolutely spotless, while Ashley's intricately-styled hair gives off the most stunning shine. We have a feeling that somehow, somewhere, this is inspiring a trip to IKEA in some readers' minds.

15 November 2011

Monika Sawicka: On the Road


"Fight through..."
i-D // Winter 2011
Ph. Boo George // Stylist: Caroline Newell
Hair: Shon // Make-Up: Florrie White

Monika sheds some of her Polish roots as she dresses up for a roadtrip, journeying to places unknown to us. Whether in greyscale or muted color, Monika expresses a cool rebelliousness that demands attention. Fight through, fight on!

11 November 2011

Constance Jablonski: Kitty Lady

Vogue Italia // November 2011
Ph. Greg Kadel // Stylist: Elizabeth Sulcer
Hair: Franco Gobbi // Makeup: Mariel Barrera

Like a classic film star, Constance bedazzles in this grandiose black-and-white story as she is surrounded by some of the cutest creatures around. Big hair, defining make-up, immense styling...few have looked as close to a million dollars.

10 November 2011

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011

At the annual extravaganza known as the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, which taped yesterday and is scheduled to air on November 29th on CBS, Marilyn's top models dominated the glittery catwalk in a most unique showcase of the brand's well-known lingerie. In case you didn't catch all the other photos and press reports, check out the looks worn by our Angels below!


Adriana Lima opened the segment "Super Angels," closed "Passion," & also walked for "I Put a Spell on You"



Erin Heatherton closed "Super Angels," opened "Club PINK," and also walked for "Angels Aquatic"
She also got snapped with all three musical performers: Kanye West, Adam Levine of Maroon 5, and Nicki Minaj!

Caroline Brasch-Nielsen made her VS debut as one of the fun girls in "Club PINK."

Constance Jablonski was a Mermaid Princess in "Angels Aquatic."

 "I Put a Spell on You" also featured Emanuela de Paula with her first set of wings!

Last but not least, Liu Wen was the ocean's cutest creature in "Angels Aquatic."

Remember: catch the VS show on CBS, November 29th at 10/9 central!

09 November 2011

Versace for H&M: The Reveal


Pier 57, New York City
Casting Director: Ashley Brokaw // Stylist: Joe McKenna

TV Commercial (Featuring Lindsey Wixson)
Directed by Jonas Akerlund

The collection will debut in stores & online on November 17th!

08 November 2011

Bo Don: Ski Trip


"Snow Day"
Teen Vogue // November 2011
Ph. Raymond Meier // Stylist: Lawren Howell
Hair: Dennis DeVoy // Make-Up: Max Delorme
Winter is coming, winter is coming! In this month's Teen Vogue, Bo and friend show us just how to dress as we prepare skis and snowboards for the next trek up the mountain. Fluorescent clothes and lip colors ensure that you will stand out in the pure white grounds, and Bo handles the most complex equipment with the "coolest" poses.

03 November 2011

Kelly Mittendorf: Soft Aggression


"A Fashionable Fetish"
Vogue Nippon // December 2011
Ph. Paola Kudacki // Stylist: Aurora Sansone
Hair: Brent Lawler // Make-Up: Sil Bruinsma
Black, gothic styling and Kelly's strong expressions dominate this sensational story from Japanese Vogue, where the pastel backdrop gives a surprisingly quirky feel for the whole set. There is no doubt that few can carry such an only-girl story the way Kelly does here, bringing magnetic energy to otherwise still photographs. And just think - this is only the beginning for the Arizona native.