02 February 2011

New Faces F/W 2011: Helen

Our Wednesday New Faces feature is dedicated to the lovely, energetic Belgian Helen, who is beyond ready to take on all her appointments. She bears a cool factor and versatile walk that makes her ideal for so many different clients, so we are prepared to see just where she lands while in New York.

1) How would you describe New York?
There's such a positive energy around, and I always feel like I'm in a movie when I walk around in the city with my iPod. Central Park is beautiful covered in all the snow!

2) What are you wearing to stay warm in these freezing temperatures?
A really big scarf you can also use as a blanket, my favourite sweater from Christian Wijnants and also my bikerboots, which are perfect to wear in the snow.

3) What is your favorite word? Least favorite word?
Favorite: Blueberry; Least favorite: mud.

4) What was the last movie you watched? What did you think about it?
Black Swan, I loved it! I sat on the end of my chair throughout the whole movie, and the way Natalie Portman acted out the character's schizophrenia was really admirable!

5) What was the best birthday gift you ever received?
I got a goldfish for my last birthday from my best friend. It was awesome!

6) Tell us the FIRST thing that comes to mind when you see each of the following words:

Black - Swan :) 
Models - Designers 
Coffee - My boyfriend's home 
Marilyn - Monroe
Rabbit - Alice in Wonderland     
Runway - Fashion week 
Snow - Christmas 
Door - Exit

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