18 March 2011

Constance Jablonski & Liu Wen: Beauty is Diverse

Ph. Craig McDean

"Every woman can be beautiful." --- Estée Lauder

On Wednesday, Estée Lauder invited beauty editors from all over the world to attend its special press event, in which it promoted new products and new campaigns for the brand. As two of EL's prominent spokesmodels, Constance and Liu Wen were in tow, greeting guests and giving interviews throughout the day as well as attending a special dinner at the Standard Hotel afterward. It was an unprecedented, inspiring celebration of  women, and it reminds us all that the beauty and strength of the female population is truly what makes the world go around.

Constance wears a Lanvin dress, Christian Louboutin shoes, and a Daniel Espinosa necklace
Liu Wen wears a Kaufman Franco dress, Louboutin shoes, and Deanna Hamro earrings

1 comment:

  1. "Every woman can be beautiful." I strive for that in my Photographic assignments I love diversity.

    Inspiration is found where beauty dwells"