10 January 2011

2010: The Last Days

For their final nights of 2010, some of our girls traveled to great locales, whether it be home or a vacation spot. Below, two of them share their personal experience through their own photos. We hope all of our blog readers also enjoyed your respective holidays and went into 2011 with a blast!

From Chantal Stafford-Abbott:
"A kid jumping of the board onto the frozen lake after a nice sauna! right by my house [in Canada]."

"My cousin Francois eating our favourite winter snack!"

"Me standing in front of the big x mas tree [in NYC]!" (Taken by Marcel Castenmiller)

From Constance Jablonski:

 "I went to Disneyland in Paris first for New Year's Eve (As you see, it's the castle of sleeping beauty all lit at night. The park was open all night!)  And then I went for a couple of days to Marrakech [in Morocco] (That explains the camel ride ...)."

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