31 January 2011

New Faces F/W 2011: Madelene

Our first New Faces feature for this upcoming show season is for the sensational Madelene from Sweden. Not only does her unique style blow us away, she also possesses a confidence that amps up everyone else's energy around her. If you are interested, do give her brilliant blog (The URL of which is named for when she worked in Singapore) a gander! But in the meantime, check out her answers to our questionnaire.

1) How would you describe New York?
Winter-wonderland? Other than that it is amazing...the city never sleeps! That's one thing I like: always people in circulation.

2) What are you wearing to stay warm in these freezing temperatures?
My fur coat and lots and lots of clothes layering underneath it.

3) What is your favorite word? Least favorite word?
"Iloveyou" is a good one, that's one word right? Hm, most unpleasant word...that's a hard one. Maybe sore feet. In Swedish it's one word, "Skoskav". 

4) What was the last movie you watched? What did you think about it?
Despicable Me, saw it on the flight to New York, and it is such a cute movie. I love the little girl Agnes.

5) What was the best birthday gift you ever received?
A gold bracelet, which I got on my 19th from my lovely boyfriend. Unfortunately I lost it after just 2 weeks...oops! I have a new one now that's exactly the same.

6) Tell us the FIRST thing that comes to mind when you see each of the following words:

Black - is the color of ALL my clothes basically. Sad but true. 
Models -  are awfully gorgeous! 
Coffee - is to be drunk black. No other way. 
Marilyn - is the best agency in NYC. Love you guys! (Aw, thanks!)
Rabbit - coat! My sister has a black one which is amazing. I'm so envious. 
Runway - me, in one week I guess. Heard that you always remember your first season. So excited!!!
Snow - is suppose to be in Sweden not New York city!
Door - ...? My mind went totally blank. Haha. Pass.

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