30 August 2011

End of Summer Memories: Part Two

Here's the second half of our End of Summer series, featuring our beautiful girls and their unforgettable experiences over summer vacation (If they were in the northern hemisphere, at least). Enjoy!

"Taken in Danshui, Taipei, Taiwan on my Youth Ambassador trip enjoying the beach!" -- Kelly Mittendorf

Kelsey Rogers took a wonderful trip to Spain and visited Park Guell in Barcelona as well as some great beaches. Love that first shot overlooking a historic city!

Lindsey Wixson (Twitter) took a road trip through the western United States and journeyed to some of the most beautiful areas around the Grand Canyon.

Swedish festivals dominated the summer for Madelene de la Motte (Blog), where she attended events like Hultsfredsfestivalen and Way Out West with friends.

Merethe Hopland managed a catch during her first ever fishing trip to the mountains, but she let it go back in the water and continue living a good fish's life.

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