31 August 2011

Josephine Skriver

The indisputable Top Ten Newcomer from Fall/Winter 2011 is ready for her sophomore season!

30 August 2011

End of Summer Memories: Part Two

Here's the second half of our End of Summer series, featuring our beautiful girls and their unforgettable experiences over summer vacation (If they were in the northern hemisphere, at least). Enjoy!

"Taken in Danshui, Taipei, Taiwan on my Youth Ambassador trip enjoying the beach!" -- Kelly Mittendorf

Kelsey Rogers took a wonderful trip to Spain and visited Park Guell in Barcelona as well as some great beaches. Love that first shot overlooking a historic city!

Lindsey Wixson (Twitter) took a road trip through the western United States and journeyed to some of the most beautiful areas around the Grand Canyon.

Swedish festivals dominated the summer for Madelene de la Motte (Blog), where she attended events like Hultsfredsfestivalen and Way Out West with friends.

Merethe Hopland managed a catch during her first ever fishing trip to the mountains, but she let it go back in the water and continue living a good fish's life.

29 August 2011

Naomi Campbell: Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!

V Spain // Issue #10 Cover
Ph. Sebastian Faena // Stylist: Sofia Alabel
Hair: Esther Langham // Make-Up: Ayako
Conceptualized by Pedro Almodóvar

"I’m sure some have wanted to ‘tie me up and tie me down’ and perhaps others wanted to tape my mouth shut! But this is something I would only permit for this issue dedicated to Pedro [Almodovar] as he always does everything 'tongue-in-cheek.' I only know Pedro socially. However, what I have always liked about Pedro is that his films perfectly combine passion, intelligence and style with a twist of humor – leaving his indelible mark on everything he does. I think that was the essence Sebastian [Faena] drew upon for our cover photo shoot." --- Naomi on this intriguing cover

End of Summer Memories: Part One

Just like that, a summer has nearly come and gone once again. But the memories will always remain, and our models share some of their favorite vacation moments in our set of "End of Summer" blog posts. We here at Marilyn were in the offices for the most part, but when we see these wonderful photos, it's as if we were there with our girls!

Our beautiful Alison Nix had perhaps the most eventful summer - her and her beau got married just two weeks ago right here in NYC. Many congratulations to this beautiful couple!

At her gorgeous cabin in upstate New York, Amy Bracco said that she was "roughing it up." Looks pretty relaxing to us!

Anna Speckhart, on the other hand, went home to the midwest and had some fun at the Springfield State Fair!

Celebrating her 21st birthday, Anya Kazakova made her way to Moscow and Montenegro as a Lady in Red.

New Face Emily Ruhl (Tumblr) headed to San Francisco, where she snapped this picture of the Chinatown area. She says that "marvelously fascinating, and all of the little shops sold adorable and charming items!"

The adventurous Iekeliene Stange sent over these gorgeous shots from her trip to the North of Norway (That's pretty north!), where she even saw a reindeer up close!

Part Two will be coming soon...

25 August 2011

Camille Rowe Pourcheresse: On the Rise

"A Brand-New Hue"
W Magazine // September 2011

I will let the wonderful article do the talking for this one.

24 August 2011

Dazed & Confused September 2011: The Dreamers



Alyona, Camille Rowe Pourcheresse,
Lauren, Merilin Perli, Liu Wen, & Terese
Dazed & Confused // September 2011
Ph. Kacper Kasprzyk // Stylists: Karen Langley, Katie Shillingford, Robbie Spencer

Within a beautifully epic story in Dazed & Confused September are many of our top models and sensational newer faces. A balance of edgy monotones and ethereal colors give various facades to our girls, and their respective strengths are grasped with each photograph. Whether it is Terese's sensuality, Liu Wen's elegance, or Alyona's intensity, no detail is left unexplored.

18 August 2011

Lindsey Wixson: Food Fight, Round Two


i-D // Pre-Fall 2011
Ph. Terry Richardson // Stylist: Mel Ottenberg
Hair: Duffy // Make-Up: Frank B

Scans courtesy of The Fashion Spot

Lindsey goofs off in front of Terry Richardson's lens in this offering from i-D (Cover previously featured here), with a variety of facial expressions and Versace pieces serving as additional attention-getters. All in all, it's a classic story with many fun elements to bring additional flavor (Chocolate being one of them - literally), and Lindsey is the perfect mannequin to serve up the best photos in such a setting. Hey Linds - you didn't get any ice cream on that gorgeous jacket...did you?

16 August 2011

Monika Sawicka: Soft-Edge

Celine Fall/Winter 2011 Campaign
Ph. Juergen Teller

15 August 2011

Caroline Brasch Nielsen: Rock & a Hard Place



"Let's go behind that rock and get a little boulder..."
Ph. Laura Sciacovelli // Stylist: Charlotte Stockdale
Hair: Luke Hersheson // Make-Up: Ayami Nishimura

In contrast with Laura Sciacovelli's signature soft lighting, Caroline shows off a tough side of herself, handling everything from weapons to sneakers with vigor. The strength of her look is undeniable as she coolly works each photo to maximum potential. Armies, look out, the modern Athena has officially arrived.